Rollo Palace
This ancient factory building housed one of the prominent figures of Bisaccese history, Fabio Rollo, revolutionary of the riots of 1872, met by De Sanctis.
Bene ambientale architettonico: Architettura
Palazzo Rollo, the factory dates back to before the 19th century. Bourgeois building with the typical entrance hall and stairway to the upper floors. The entrance portal is surmounted by a heraldic coat of arms. On the top and at the base of the piers it presents ashlars with floral decorations.
Prior to the 19th century.
Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 26, 83044 Bisaccia AV
Proprietà Privata
L’edificio è completamente ristrutturato.
Formerly inhabited by Fabio Rollo, notary (1796-1849). The other Fabio Rollo, a telegraphist and revolutionary, was also born there, quoted by De Sanctis: [They told me so many lovely things, and no one spoke to me about elections, nor did I them. Everyone promised to come and hear me. And Fabio Rollo? he came out of me all of a sudden. That Fabio was my fixed idea. They told me that he was one of the most resolute leaders of the opposite side. And I meant that he was a very distinguished young man. It made me very sorry to see his name among those of the members of the central office, who in the first ballot had proclaimed my competitor, who was in the great minority, elected, and the reasons given seemed to me the quibbles of a lawyer, to whom I did not see how should he join. The only excuse was passion. And this just pierced me, seeing me as an opponent and so passionate that man there. If intelligent and generous young people and young people are not at least with me, who do I turn to? And here is Don Pietro introducing Fabio Rollo. He held out his hand to me with a certainty that pleased me. There was nothing in the face of that habitual and ceremonious smile that suspicious faces have. He was there, simple and natural, like someone who has nothing to hide, nothing to show. A telegraph operator told me. But he was in there quite different stuff. It was time for dinner, and the conversation went on long after dinner. I felt so good in that cheerful circle of friends. Fabio immediately took his place, became the protagonist. Spurred on by me, he recounted some episodes of his life of him.] [He told me about the castle of Bisaccia, where it was said that badger had been, and they promised to show me the room where he had lived.] [The next day, I found everything soon. I took the usual half hour of meditation, and right to the municipal house. Full room. There was, they told me, all of Bisaccia. I turned a little. I saw smiling, benevolent faces. You recovered my good humor, and I immediately began: «First of all I must thank you for seeing you all here. An act of courtesy, which does honor to this country, which from now on I will call Bisaccia la gentile.] [I do not ask you for your votes, but I ask everyone for their esteem and their friendship. Come here, Fabio Rollo; come here and shake my hand, you will never have a purer hand in your life ». Fabio, who was standing there behind a hedge of listeners, did not hesitate, did not have the slightest embarrassment. He was directed to me, and he shook my hand, and I felt that I was buying a friend, of those friends who never forget you. The emotion was general; the applause continued: what would I not have done for my constituents then? I promised that I would be their deputy. The example of Bisaccia, I concluded, inspires me with confidence that over time I will also acquire the friendship of those who remain among my adversaries. Joy was painted on all faces. And also on mine. I felt satisfied, rewarded enough for my trip.]