Museo Civiltà Contadina e Artigiana
The ethnographic museum represents a testimony of our cultural identity as a peasant and artisan civilization, a legacy in the memory of a few elderly people. The creation of a museum of peasant and artisan civilization arises precisely from the need to understand the present through the reading of life and activities that characterize the rural, peasant and artisan culture. It collects testimonies of daily life and work: objects, furnishings, tools and environments that illustrate and document the work activities, customs, typical uses of the Andrettese community and which represent the authentic expression of a strong culture and civilization. peasant vocation. The Museum of Peasant and Artisan Civilization in Andretta is one of the museums recognized by MiBACT, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism.
Bene etnoantropoligico: Materiale
The premises of the museum of the peasant and artisan civilization of Andretta are located in the rooms on the ground floor of the Town Hall in Via Libertà. The objects that are kept there, over 1000 pieces, are exhibited on an area of about 140 square meters. The first room of the Museum preserves archaeological finds found in the Andrettese area. The “Farmer's Space” exhibits a wood and iron plow, a clod breaker, various types of harrows used to shred clods, plowshares, iron plow blades, picks, tridents and a hay cutter. In the same area there are a series of sling bars, containers and tools used for the production of wine: vats, funnels, barrels and flasks. The "Daily life" section contains tools for killing pigs: ties, retractor, cleaver, heart-shaped knife, knives, funnels and a machine for the production of cured meats. In the space dedicated to the farrier it is possible to see a bench and the various tools used to shoe horses, donkeys and oxen. "The carpenter's corner" houses a lathe, various types of saws, planes, clamps, squares, drills, hammers, pincers and shears, while that of the shoemaker exhibits numerous models of footwear and various tools: awls, point markers and pliers. Finally, in the area reserved for knitwear, there is a wooden spinning wheel, some spindles, a sewing machine and knitting weights.
U.N.L.A. and Municipal Administration
Via Libertà, 45, 83040 Andretta AV
Property owned by the Municipality of Andretta
The Museum is now a reality and the complex of objects preserved in it document the historical and cultural roots of the Andretta community. The collection and exhibition organization aim not only to safeguard and pass on the historical-artistic heritage, but also to enhance the territory. These are not rare and artistic or valuable finds, but poor and simple objects, which testify to the daily life, the industriousness and the ability to adapt and peaceful coexistence of a rural community, whose memory has sometimes been underestimated by them. citizens of Andretta. The reading of the objects on display is facilitated by a rich photographic kit, which allows you to rediscover nature, the landscape, history, men, the rural world, the earth, fatigue, sweat, sacrifices and hardships of a population. simple and frugal. These artifacts (agricultural tools and work in general, containers for cooking food, various containers for food, clothing, furnishings, tools, etc.) offer an insight into the daily life of the small town in Irpinia, whose economy was basically agricultural -pastoral.