Chiesa dell'Incoronatella
Of all the chapels present in the urban fabric of Andretta, the little church of the Incoronatella has withstood the passage of time. Archpriest Mons. Angelo Acocella, recalling the sad end of the Andretti chapels, writes: "... you, o sacred edifice of the Incoronatella, still open to divine worship, will resist, you at least, the cruel fate, strength or power unknown, which, against all our wills, inexorably wounds, lands glories and grandeur, destroys memories of faith? ".
Bene ambientale architettonico: Architettura
The small church of the Incoronatella occupies a small volume of about 400 cubic meters, with a rectangular plan, which stands at the entrance to the town, in a corner of the square of the same name. The building, in masonry, has a simple facade, characterized by a rectangular entrance, framed by a stone portal, and by a belfry that emerges in the center of the horizontal strip of the cornice. The side wall along Via Incoronatella is marked by the regular full and empty rhythm of the masonry and windows. The interior re-proposes the rectangular perimeter structure with a single nave and houses the statue of the Madonna dell’Incoronata that towers over the polychrome marble altar.
Arciprete D. Francesco Saverio Mauro
Largo Incoronatella, 83040 Andretta AV
Architectural asset of the Church Ecclesiastical Region: Diocese of Sant’Angelo dei Lombardi, Conza, Nusco, Bisaccia Subsidiary church dependent on the Parish of Santa Maria Assunta
The church of the Incoronatella, as the dedication engraved in the architrave of the stone portal reads, SS.mae Mariae Virgini Incoronata / Franciscus Mauro MDCCCLXV, was built in 1865 by the will of the archpriest Don Francesco Saverio Mauro in memory of the appearance of the SS. Virgin in the plains of Daunia. Unlike many chapels present in the urban fabric of Andretta and left to fall into disrepair, this small church has withstood the passage of time. On the occasion of the feast of the Incoronata, which falls on the last Sunday of April, Holy Mass is celebrated, a procession takes place through the streets of the town and the market is held in the large square in front of the church.