Historical monumental fountain Rocca San Felice
Exceptional artistic and cultural testimony of the importance of water supply points within the towns of upper Irpinia.
Bene ambientale architettonico: Architettura
Made with blocks of local stone.
Started construction 1749. Current placement 1866
Piazza San Felice, Rocca San Felice
State property
Good state of conservation
The monumental public fountain was dismantled, moved and reassembled in its current position in 1866, given that it was originally built in 1749 in Largo Croce, in a "subjected" position receiving the "falling" waters from the source in Contrada Fontana Crescenzo. The small fountain is functional on all four sides. The front has mouths from which the water comes out. On the back side there is a sort of small wash house, used in the past by laundresses, while laterally, there are two stone basins where two Latin inscriptions can be read: the one on the right reports the history of the fountain, the one on the left lists the benefits of the water.